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Friends of Rec Park Bandshell

FORPBS has the following goals

  • Bring back the regular use of the historic landmark Bandshell.

  • Focus on local talent and the involvement of our community’s youth.

  • Raise funds over time through business and private donations for full renovation of the Bandshell.

  • Create a lasting foundation that will promote the use and maintenance of the Bandshell for years to come.

Bandshell History

  • Since 1929, the Bandshell at Recreation Park in Long Beach has had a long history of hosting events from theatre to bands to high school graduations.

  • In recent years this registered Historic Landmark has been underutilized and fallen into some disrepair.

  • In coordination with and support from Partners of Parks we have created a new non-profit organization, Friends of Recreation Park Bandshell (FORPBS).

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